Dredg - Cartoon Showroom tab

Intro and verse:e|---------------------------------------------------------|B|-8-----8------8------6-------6-5-----5------5------3-5---|G|---5------5------5------5--------5------5------5-------5-|D|-5---5------5------5------5--5-----5------5------5-------|A|---------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------|
I'm gonna miss your ways, your sin, your smell, your smile In anxious attempt to let you know Dancing on the roof of some cartoon showroom But in an instant Iíd give it all right back
Dm C Am G Fe|-1-----0-----0-----3-----1--|B|-3-----1-----1-----3-----1--|G|-2-----0-----2-----4-----2--|D|-0-----2-----2-----5-----3--|A|-0-----3-----0-----5-----3--|E|-------0-----0-----3-----1--|
Dm C So keep moving onward Am G Run through that open door Dm C Consuming knowledge G Wormhole through times before C G Dm F Canít you hear their voices crying C G F Canít you hear their hearts breaking C G Dm F Am There is only so much we can do, only so much can be shown to you G F The rest is your choice... is your chooooooice...
When I close my eyes, I see two faces above me One to my left, one to my right I took you under, under my wing to shadow It never did bother me to hide you from the light basically it's this... for more informations vagnercode@hotmail.com
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