Dredg - Stamp Of Origin Horizon tab

Dredg - The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion
"Stamp of Origin: Horizon"
Transcribed by Yosswell

4/4 time

|D   |Bm   |G    |D  A |

I like to play "Down to the Cellar" which I play in Drop D. So I normally play the G chord as:

G - |3345XX|

Here's the lyrics (since I like keeping everything to one window..

PS. I may include a powertab version if I feel like I have the time before the new year.

*Sitting in the sand watch the tide roll up 
Take a deep breath in as your past fades out 
    G                                    D     A
Let everything else just fade into the horizon 
When the planets stop spinning and the music stops 
Take a deep breath in let your life fade out 
     G                                     D     A
With everything else you'll fade into the horizon 

*This is only played the first timeE--------------------------------------------------|B-------------------8--8-7-------------------------|G----7-------9-7-6---------7-------9-7-6--3-6-4-6--|D-------4-5-------------------4-5------------------|A--------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------|
It is then played like this for the rest of the timeE--------------------------------------------------|B------------------8-8-8-7-------------------------|G----7-------9-7-6---------7-------9-7-6--3-6-4-6--|D-------4-5-------------------4-5------------------|A--------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------|
Technically speaking it's played on piano and then on guitar listen to see where. To play on piano the notes are as follow: d f# g e d c# (g) g g f# d a# c# b c# [Spoken parts] I'll never leave this place The place where I was born I need a little more information To add to this confusion These delusions They aren't meant to justify the things you do Thankfully, I haven't been taken very seriously Keep moving onward, keep moving onward I don't know if I've been reborn Or lived a past life Suffered in another time I am gathering the pebbles I need To drink from the well We are all part of this problem Just let go, just let go, just let go, just let go *Thank you metrolyrics.com for the lyrics. http://www.metrolyrics.com/stamp-of-origin-horizon-lyrics-dredg.html
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