Dresden Dolls - My Alcoholic Friends chords

*so, just a note: with the picking i find it best to do something like bass and than 3
in stead of just strumming, i think it makes the song sound a bit more cabaret like it
supposed to originally... so if you were to be playing Em you would play low B and than 
G and high B... but its a fun song to play around with the picking, so leave a message if
find picking that sounds better :)

Em CI'm counting back
Amthe number of the steps
Git took for me to get
D C Dback on the wagon of the weekend
Em CI'll use the autotimer to prove that
G D C DI'll get home with my imagination
G D C Dif they find the body in the basement
G D C D"in the very house that she was raised in!"
Em CI'm taking down
Amthe number of the Times
Gso when we get the sign
D C Dfrom god I'll be the first to call them
Em C GI'm taking back the number of the beast
D C Dcause 6 is not a pretty number
G D C D8 or 3 are definitely better
G D C Da is for the address on the letter
G D C D Emto my alcoholic friends
Em CI'm trying hard
Amnot to be ashamed
Gnot to know the name
D C Dof who is waking up beside me
G D C Dor the date, the season or the city
G D C Dbut at least the ceilings very pretty
G D C Dand if you are holding it against me
Em CI'll be on my best behavior
Am G Dtaking shots for mother nature
Em Conce my fist is in the cupboard
Am G D D....love is never falling over
G D C Dshould I choose a noble occupation
G D C Dif I did I'd only show up late and
G D C Dsick and they would stare at me with hatred
C D Gplus my only natural talents wasted on my alcoholic friends
D C D Gmy alcoholic friends
D C D Gthe party never ends
D C D Emmy alcoholic friends
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