Dresden Dolls - Jeep Song tab

			     The Jeep Song - Dresden Dolls

A                        D
i've been driving around town
A                     D
with my head spinning around
Bm                  G     E
everywhere i look i see
Bm                 E
your '96 jeep cherokee

A                    D
you're a bully and a clown
A                          D
you made me cry and put me down
Bm                      G        E
after all that ive been through
Bm                                E
you'd think i'd hate the sight of you

A                     D
but with every jeep i see
A                             D
my broken heart still skips a beat
Bm                         G      E
i guess its just my stupid luck
Bm                             D                  E
that all of boston drives that same black fucking truck

it could be him or am i tripping
and i'm crashing into everything
Bm                                 E
and thinking about skipping town a while
Bm                         D        E
until these cars go out of style...

A                  D
i try to see it in reverse
A                      D
it makes the situation hundreds of times worse
Bm                                    G     E
when i wonder if it makes you want to cry
Bm                              D             E
every time you see a light blue volvo driving by

        Bm                                 F#m
so dont tell me if you're off to see the world
Bm                       F#m
i know you wont get very far
Bm                              F#m
dont tell me if you get another girl baby
D                   E
just tell me if you get another car

A               D
....it could be him
....or am i tripping 
....it could be him

A                     D
the number of them is insane
A                 D
every exit's an exboyfriend memory lane
Bm                                 G        E
every major street's a minor heart attack
Bm                             F#
i see a red jeep and i want to paint it black

it could be him or am i tripping
and i'm crashing into everything
C#m                            F#
i can't wait til you trade the damn thing in
C#m                             E             F#
by then they will have put me in the looney bin

it could be him my heart is pounding
its just no use i'm surrounded
C#m                                           F#  
but oneday i'll steal your car and switch the gears
C#m                              E        F#       B
and drive that cherokee straight off this trail of tears

B     E     B     E     B
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