What Would I Do Without You chords with lyrics by Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors – What Would I Do Without You chords

Heard this at the end of HIMYM and was devastated to find out it wasn't here, 
worked it out fairly quickly and this is what I came out with, sounds pretty decent to me.

I didn't work out the lead but if you want to make up some stuff its mainly on the B string.

There's a capo on the 3rd fret and all chords are relative to the capo.

 C     : x32010
 C/B   : x22010
 C/A   : x02010
 G     : 320033
 Am7   : xx2010
 Am7/D : xx0010

The picking is pretty basic, its root note then the last three strings.

Main Progression:

C C/B C/A C Ge|-----000------000--|-----000-----000--|-----000-----000--|-----333-----333|B|-----111------111--|-----111-----111--|-----111-----111--|-----333-----333|G|-----000------000--|-----000-----000--|-----000-----000--|-----000-----000|D|-------------------|------------------|------------------|----------------|A|--3--------2-------|--0-------0-------|--3-------3-------|----------------|E|-------------------|------------------|------------------|--3-------3-----|
Alternative Progression:
C Am7 Am7/D C C C/B C/Ae|-----000------000--|-----000-----000--|-----000-----000--|-----333-----333|B|-----111------111--|-----111-----111--|-----111-----111--|-----333-----333|G|-----000------000--|-----000-----000--|-----000-----000--|-----000-----000|D|-----------2-------|--0---------------|------------------|----------------|A|--3----------------|----------3-------|--3-------2-------|--0-------0-----|E|-------------------|------------------|------------------|----------------|
Intro: | C C/B | C/A | C | G |
C C/B Sometimes I wake up with a sadness,
C/AOther days, it feels like madness,
C GSo, what would I do without you.
C C/B When colours turn to shades of grey,
C/AWith the weight of the world at the end of the day,
C GOh, what would I do without you.
C Am7 Am7/D CA decade goes by without a warning,
C C/B C/AAnd there's still a kindness in your eyes,
C Am7 Am7/D CAmidst the questions and the worry,
C C/AA peace of mind always takes me by surprise.
Interlude: | C C/B | C/A | C | G |
C C/BI feel like I'm walking with eyes as blind,
C/AAs a man without a lantern in a coal mine,
C GOh, what would I do without you.
C C/BMy imagination gets the best of me,
C/AAnd I'm trying to hide lost at sea,
C GOh, what would I do without you.
C Am7 Am7/D CThe difference between what I've said and done,
C C/B C/AAnd you're still standing by my side,
C Am7 Am7/D CA guilty soul and a worried mind,
C C/AI will never make it if I'm on my own.
C C/BSo you got the morning I got midnight,
C/AYou are patient I'm always on time,
C GOh, what would I do without you.
C C/BYou got your sunshine I got rain clouds,
C/AYou got hope I got my doubts,
CSo, what would I do without you,
C C/AOh, what would I do without you,
C (Pause)Oh, what would I do without you.
Outro: Repeat | C C/B | C/A | C | G |
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