There Goes My First Love chords with lyrics by Drifters - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Drifters – There Goes My First Love chords


G. C There goes my girl.....
Verse 1
FThere goes my first love
G. C. AmWith the guy I used to call my friend
Dm. GThere goes love I thought would never end
CI can't forget her
Verse 2
FMy heart is breaking
G. C. AmWhen I see her holding hands with him
Dm. GCan't help thinking how it might have been
C. F CShe's still my first love.
C. FMy first love, she's still around
C. GShe never left this part of town
C. FNow I see her 'most every day
C. G. CBut she don't look my way
Repeat Verses 1&2 Then repeat Chorus ( with different lyrics) She loved me but not for long I wonder what I did wrong Now every day those pretty feet Come walking on down the street
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