Drive-by Truckers – The Southern Thing tab

(Hood / DBT)

Intro: C, D, E (bar chords)

Asus2, Em7 (2x)

Ain't about my pistol

Ain't about my boots
Ain't about no northern drives

Ain't about my southern roots
Ain't about my guitars, ain't about my big old amps
"It ain't rained in weeks, but the weather sure feels damp"
Ain't about excuses or alibis
Ain't about no cotton fields or cotton picking lies
Ain't about the races, the crying shame
To the fucking rich man all poor people look the same

"walk progression" E G A(hold) G E (hold)
Play through the next several lines

Don't get me wrong It just ain't right
May not look strong, but I ain't afraid to fight
If you want to live another day
Stay out the way of the southern thing

Ain't about no hatred better raise a glass
It's a little about some rebels but it ain't about the past
Ain't about no foolish pride, Ain't about no flag
Hate's the only thing that my truck would want to drag

You think I'm dumb, maybe not too bright
You wonder how I sleep at night
Proud of the glory, stare down the shame
Duality of the southern thing

A ---------------*----7775--*-E 0303--0505--0---57------7---
** leave off the notes between these on the 2nd time the riff is played. The chord buildup to the verse is [B]. My Great Great Granddad had a hole in his side He used to tell the story to the family Christmas night Got shot at Shiloh, thought he'd die alone From a Yankee bullet, less than thirty miles from home Ain't no plantations in my family tree Did NOT believe in slavery, thought that all men should be free "But, who are these soldiers marching through my land?" His bride could hear the cannons and she worried about her man I heard the story as it was passed down About guts and glory and Rebel stands Four generations, a whole lot has changed Robert E. Lee Martin Luther King We've come a long way rising from the flame Stay out the way of the southern thing
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