Birthday Boy chords with lyrics by Drive-by Truckers - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Drive-by Truckers – Birthday Boy chords

These are basically the chords the singer is playing. have fun

Chords:Am: x02210
              G:     320033 or 320003
              F:      x33211
              C:      x32010
              Fsus4: xx3311
Intro:Am/ G/ F/// C/// Am/// G///
F C Which ones the birthday boy?
Am Gshe said I ain't got all night
What'd your mama name you? You can call me what you like Every skinny mystery gotta make it hard somehow Sit your narrow ass down hot shot I'll solve yours right now You got a girlfriend don't you boy? Nervous hands cant lie Married men don't ask how much, single ones ain't buying One day you got everything, next day it's all broke Let miss Trixie sit up front Let her wipe your nose(HOLD G FOR 2 BARS)
Fsus4 FWorking for the money like you got eight hands
C GFlat on your back under a mean old man
Fsus4 F Cjust thinking happy thoughts and breathing deep
Dm Am GBetween your mama's drive and daddy's belt
F C Am GIt don't take smarts to learn to tune out what hurts more than helps
The pretty girls from the smallest towns get remembered like storms and droughts that old men talk about for years to come I guess that's why they give us names
F C Amso a few old men can say they so us rain
G Am G when we were young
Which ones the birthday boy? she said I aint got all night What'd your mama name you? You can call me what you like
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