Drive-by Truckers - Where The Devil Wont Stay chords

    Hey I'm pretty shure i got most of it right, and this is my fist tab so don't 
be too hard on the comments.
    Bb= B flat

    Verse #1
D F My daddy played poker in the woods they say, back in his younger days
G D Prohibition was the talk but the rich folks walked to the woods where my daddy stayed
D F Jugs and jars from shiners, these old boys here they aint biners
G D Came from the 29er's, it didn't take a hole in the ground to put the bottum in their face
Instrumental: D F G D (2x) Verse #2 Back in the 30's when the dust bowl dried and the woods of Alabama didn't see no light My daddy played poker by a hardwood fire, squeezing all his luck from a hot copper wire Scrap like a wildcat, fights till the end. Trap a wildcat and take its skin Deal from the bottom, put the ace in the hole One hand on the jug, but you never do know Chorus Intro: C G Bb F Chorus #1
C Son come running
G Better come quick
Bb F This rotgut moonshine is making me sick
C G Your momma called the law and they're gonna take me away
Bb F Down so far even the devil wont stay
D Where I called to the Lord with all my soul
F I could hear him rattling the chain on the door
G He couldn't get in, I could see he tried
D Through the shadows of the cage around the 40 watt light
Instrumetal Chorus #2
C Daddy tell me another story
G Tell me about the low's and the high's
Bb F Tell me how to tell the difference between what they tell me is the truth or a lie
C F Tell me why the ones who have so much make the ones who don't go mad
Bb F with the same skin stretched over their white bones and the same jug in their hand
Verse #3 My daddy played poker on a stump in the woods back when the world was gray Before black and white went and chose up sides and gave a little bit of both their way The only blood that's any cleaner is the blood that's blue or greener Without either you just get meaner and the blood you gave gives you away Chorus Intro Chorus Then it's just D F G A till the end.
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