Drive-by Truckers - Demonic Possession chords


D ADemonic Possession
G D His court's in session
D A I sign my confession
G DDemonic Possession
D AIt was raining on the day she told me
G Dthem things that fella sold me
AMama wasn't there to scold me
G DNo prison or cell could hold me
AI still recall the date
G DI'z probably about eight
Awhen I sealed my fate
G DYou honor I rightly state
D ASuddenly I had a foot hold
G DI became such a butthole
AI don't need nobody consoling me
G DNo one but the devil controlling me
AI can kick ass and talk backward
G DI hang out with a whole bunch of slackers
Aand I know I can get some help from him
G DI listen to a lot of Led Zeppelin
D A I got so much money I don't need smarts
G DMy records are flying to the top of the charts
Aand I'm eating in all those fancy restaurants
G Dand Hanging out with Jerry Lee Lewis
Aand I owe it all to him
G DOh, the shape I'm in
AThe devil says the only thing that's buggin him
G Dis Hell's filling up with Republicans
(chorus 2X)
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