Drive-by Truckers - Three Dimes Down chords

3 guitars arranged for one.  Figure out the slide parts yourself.

Intro:|--3s5-3------------------------ |-----------------------------------------||--2s4-2-2s4s2-------2-----------|-----------------------------------------||-------------2-2h4---4-2--------|-----------------------------------------||--------------------------------|---2--4-2-4-2-4-2-4----------------------||--------------------------------|---0--0-0-0-0-0-0-0----------------------||--------------------------------|-----------------------------------------|
GIt was a straight shot
D AAll it took was luck to not get caught
G D AI laid three dimes down and the machine wanted 25 cents
G DIn the back seat her and a friend,
Aone out the window and the other on the other end
G D AOne belt loop away from Sunday night's news
Solo on verse chords
G D AIf the part about being who he was didn't help Tom get loose,
G Dwhat's a guy without a T. gonna get? Totally screwed,
Awhile chicken wing puke eats the candy apple red off his Corvette
G D AThree dimes down and 25 cents shy of a slice of the Doublemint twins
G D ACome back baby, Rock and Roll never forgets
Solo on verse chords Outro (instrumental): G Bm A D C Bm A
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