Drive-by Truckers - Dancing Ricky chords

Dancing Ricky    The Drive-by Truckers  
Chords and lyrics as interpreted by Charlie Beer
|F                    |Gm                      |F                  |Gm
|F |Gm |Bb C |F Ricky Boy, Ricky Boy, You got something left to deal with
| Bb C |F What you gonna do about merchandise?
|F |Gm |Bb C |FRicky Boy, You got the money, you got something left to do
|Bb C |F |What you gonna do about countin' right?
| Dm | Bb FYour shirts too damned small for your body
| Dm |C |CYou got your freedom out in the open
| F |GmWe got to figure out how to quit all your dancing
|C |CAnd go and check out the swag
|F |Gm |F |Gm
|F |Gm |Bb C |F Ricky Boy, Oh Dancing Ricky, You've got plenty of moves left to do
| Bb C |F Hey Ricky, don't let the Diabetes get you!
|F |Gm |Bb C |F Dancing Ricky, Oh Dancing Ricky, You've been spinning just like a ride
|Bb C |F | What you gonna do about acting right?
[CHORUS] [OUTRO} |F |Gm |F |Gm
|F |Gm |Bb C |F Dancing Ricky, Oh Dancing Ricky dont you know youre out of sight
Beautiful Ballad about a wayward employee? By the bass player, she rocks! Like other simple country rock songs, the twists in this song are not the chords, but the words and the phrasing. Lines of 4 measures, then 2, then 4, then 3 measures.
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