Drive-by Truckers - Boys From Alabama tab

This song's very simple as it only has one chord progression.
Overall Chord Progression:
Dmin Fmaj Gmaj Bbmaj

For the intro/verse guitar, use power chords tuned down a whole step, so DGCFA#D.  This 
is also very doable in Drop D

Intro/Verse Riff:-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------|--2-------3--------7-------10--------|2-22----5--33-----777------1010------|0---0-/-33---3-/-5---5-/-88----8-/-0-| Mix it up a bit.
The verse's chords: Dmin Fmaj Gmaj Bbmaj Bbmaj Dmin Fmaj Well, they caught you smoking grass and the judge threw the book Gmaj Bbmaj I can see a little opportunism in your look Dmin Fmaj Gmaj Bbmaj You can take it from me, boy you can take it from a crook Dmin Fmaj I got friends on the inside and friends on the outside Gmaj Bbmaj I can see you standing there, staring down at your shoes Thinking about your Mom and Dad and wondering what to do Well you best look inside yourself, boy, we're all watching you We got friends in jail who will see you through Boy, don't forget, no matter what you do Chorus: Dmin Fmaj Don't piss off the Boys from Alabama Gmaj Bbmaj You know they won't let it slide Dmin Fmaj They might find your body in the Tennessee River Gmaj Bbmaj or they might not find you at all Dmin Fmaj There'll be no place to run and hide Gmaj Bbmaj and your family ain't safe at all Dmin Fmaj Don't piss off the Boys from Alabama Gmaj Bbmaj We're keeping an eye on you Keepin an eye on you Don't piss off the Boys from Alabama Better take it like a man Ain't nobody gonna stick anything up your ass If you remember who your friends are We got good help down in Franklin County They'll hunt you like a dog You can take your fall or lose it all The choice is up to you I wouldn't piss off the Boys from Alabama if I was you
Outro/Solo:------------------------------------------------|10/12-10-------10/12-10-------10/12-10----------|--------12-------------12-------------12-----12-|----------1412-----------1412-----------1412----|------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------| do that twice
10/12-10-----------------|-------12----------------|---------1412------------|--------------7-777-9-10-|--------------7-777-9-10-|--------------5-555-7-8--|That's it
Lyrics and Music by: Patterson Hood / Drive-By Truckers Soul Dump Music (BMI) Wurlitzer - Jason Isbell / B3 - David Barbe / Banjo - Mike Cooley / Auto Parts - The Line Chain Gang Tabbed by D-PAC
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