Drive-by Truckers - Hell No I Aint Happy tab

Off of Decoration Day

Intro/Main Riff:---------------|---------------|---------------|--2------------|----2---5--77--|0------333-555-| Do multiple times, add a bit of a strum as well
Dmin Fmaj Gmaj Dmin Fmaj Gmaj Thereís a lot of bad wood underneath the veneer Dmin Fmaj Gmaj Dmin Fmaj Gmaj Sheís an overnight sensation after twenty five years Dmin Fmaj Gmaj Dmin Fmaj Gmaj Sharp fast curves, power steering Dmin unroll that twenty, buy me some beer Bbmaj Cmaj Ainít too bad, too bad at all, pick up the phone if I ever call Dmin Fmaj Gmaj Hell No, I Ainít Happy. (this repeats, on the last one, play): Dmin Fmaj Gmaj Dmin Hell No, I Ainít Happy. Thereís a purdy little girl outside the van window Bout 80 cities down, 800 to go Six crammed in, we ainít never alone Never homesick, ainít got no home Check my mail if you would please, Jenn Collect my things till Iím in town again Hell No, I Ainít Happy. Bbmaj Cmaj Dmin Gmaj Dmin But I get a little closer everyday Bbmaj Cmaj Gonna be a long time till Iím back your way.
Iíve seen just how much I can stand One night in Kansas City, we thought about killing a man Seen my number fly by on Interstate Ten Seen the mountains of Montana at Seven AM. And I keep it all together for the sake of the kids Got your fine-ass self on the back of my lids Hell No, I Ainít Happy. But I ainít too crappy, too crappy at all. Jan. 2002 - Highway 666, somewhere in Southern Utah based on a title from a year earlier. Lyrics by Patterson Hood / Music by Drive-By Truckers ©2003 Soul Dump Music (BMI) Tabbed by D-PAC
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