Drive-by Truckers - Buttholeville tab

The Riff:-------------------------------------------------------22---2--22---2----00-3-0--00-3-0---------------------
Listen to the song to get the timing, its pretty simple A Tired of living in Buttholeville Tired of my job and my wife Lucille D Tired of my kids Ronnie and Neil A Tired of my 68 Bonneville Working down at Billy Bobís Bar and Grille The food here tastes like the way I feel D Thereís a girl on the dance floor dressed to kill A Sheís the best looking woman in Buttholeville A One day Iím gonna get out of Buttholeville Gonna reach right in Gonna grab the till D Buy a brand new hat and a Coupe deVille A lay a patch on the road that runs over the hill Thereís a beach somewhere where the waterís are still Gonna lay in the sun till my skin peals D Drinking the best scotch whiskey, eating lobster and eel A and Iím never going back to Buttholeville A G Never going, never going, never going never going back! lyrics by Patterson Hood music by Adamís House Cat (Cooley, Cahoon, Hood, Tremblay) ©1990 Cat House Music (ASCAP) additional music by Drive-by Truckers (Cooley, Hood, Howell, Lane, Neff, and Stacy) ©1998 Soul Dump Music Tabbed by D-PAC
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