Drivin N Cryin – Bring Home The Bacon chords

The whole song is based on a riff involving D and C# barre chords. Specifically: D C#e|--10---9--|B|--10---9--|G|--11---12-|D|--12---11-|A|--12---11-|E|--10---9--|
The chords would be as such:
D C#Presidential figure
D C#Corporation man
D C# DSenators and congressmen
... And so on. Then there's the little riff following the chords, which can be either:
E|--5-7-5-7-9-7-5--| or E|--5-6-5-6-7-6-5--| (preferably palm muted)
Whichever you think sounds better, though it doesn't matter, of course, as no one else would really know, so you can probably figure out a different riff you think is better. Also, after the first chorus, they play the riff, then play it two frets lower. The end is also a matter of preference. I personally like to play it like: D C# C# D C# C# D C# C# D C# C# D C# (If that makes any sense. If not, ask and I'll try to explain it better.) This is really just how I like to play it, 'cause it sounds good and right just as well to me. LYRICS (which I'm not actually 100% on, but even Kevn would say to just go with what you think sounds right... Assuming you were to ask.) Presidential figure Corporation man Senators and congressmen Tried the whole world And tried to meet the future Living in an office so high But when he pulls up the driveway And unlocks the door She's standing at attention She's hard to ignore And she says Bring home the bacon And take out the trash It's just another matter of fact I asked her how long It takes to live like a king She laughed and said a cold day in Hell So I moved out And got a place of my own I'm doing fairly well But then I got married And then I got rich And then I was the president It didn't matter which (Chorus)
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