Dropkick Murphys – Loyal To No-one tab


C    A# D# (some D#:s might be E# in the verse, figure it out) x4

I first met this man at the Cammen Street Tracks
In no shape for success headed nowhere too fast
He may have been someone by the sound of his call
Now he answers to no one, no one at all!

We all die alone, he shouted as he passed
With no sense of regret, see he never looked back
For his pride was wounded, his ego was strong
Yeah, that was his trouble and this is his song

D#                            A#
You said we die alone in this case you were right
   C                       D#        A#
No friends by your side no family in sight
            C                   A#
There’ll be no talking your way out this time
   C               A#                D#       C
So don’t count the cash ‘cause you leave it behind

His friends come and go like the seasons and tide
He can’t keep a woman they all realize
He loves, leaves them, takes what he needs
He’s loyal to no one, no one at all

You were brought up well still in spite of it all
You’re touched by nothing, watch a man fall
Put a foot on his back to get a better view
‘cause you’re loyal no one, no one but you!


He was broken and tired wouldn’t take a hand
Their kindness was simple he couldn’t understand
See it’s hard to have faith in something so new
When you’re loyal to no one, no one but you!


Mandolin bit, played throughout the song:

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