Dropkick Murphys – World Full Of Hate tab

			     world full of hate - dropkick murphys
Tabbed by: xxcutmyself
Email: supdiggity@juno.com

Tuning: standard               p=pull off   h=hammer on

two guitars play this song... one electric clean and the other acoustic

the chord progression throughout the song is played from the beginning... G C Am A feeling inside in the back of my head. C Like a song you still know from so long ago G D And I wouldn't change a thing. G C Am Like a car driving by triggers something in my mind C G D Am I retreiving my direction or just charging forward blind? G C Am Am I every thing that you wanted me to be? C G D Have I lost that condition a conection I couldn't see? Chorus G C Am Til the end like a friend stands by you again and I wouldn't change a thing C G D Toe to toe, friend or foe, it's all that I know and I wouldn't change a thing
at the end of the choruse|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--3-2-0---0--------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------3----------------------------------------------------------------|
along with... C D 2nd verse G C Am As the years pass us by, will I still make the grade? C G D Can I really offer anything and will my soul be saved? G C Am Can you cleanse me of...Drive out the swine? C G D Am I only falling farther can you keep me safe from harm? G The memories you build in the house on the hill C Am Would you really change a thing? C G D Corrected mistakes in a world full of hate, never changes anything.
at the end of the choruse|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--3-2-0---0--------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------3----------------------------------------------------------------|C D
along with... G C Am C G D 2nd Chorus: The lyrics are not identical to the first, but the strum pattern stays the same. G Til the end, like a friend (this is sung long and stretched out.) C Am Stands by you again (same with this) C G D Toe to toe, friend or foe, it's all that I know (and this) This part goes back to being fast: G C Am Til the end like a friend stands by you again and I wouldn't change a thing. C G D Toe to toe, friend or foe, it's all that I know and I wouldn't change a D thing
C D And then end on this: G thanks go to greenfinger182 for the chord progresion i just had to fix the intro... awesome song... really has a good value to it... not to hard to play but really fun... give it your best... thanks... any comments or questions on it e-mail me...
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