Dropkick Murphys – As One tab

Band: Dropkick Murphys
Song: As One
Album: Blackout
Tabber: clark@theoddmenout

Bagpipe Intro: (Bb) (Eb)(G) (Eb) (Eb) (f) (g) (f)x2e--15-13-6--6-8-11--13--13-10-15---8--10-11-10-8-6-10--8-8--|B-----------------------------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------------------------| D-----------------------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------| (play above chords only the second time)
Intro Verse: Bb Eb G Eb Tonight my son, I'll heed the call Eb Eb f If you're to live, then I must fall.. Bagpipe Intro (faster, strumming the chords) Verse 1: Bb Eb G Eb Just give me one more moment, another walk out in the sun Bb Eb G Eb EB One more day to find some justice with your shadow by my side Bb Eb G Eb f G F Cuff me, tie me, lock me down 'cause I'll be back to go another round Chorus: Bb G As one! Eb f Bb G My blood runs red beneath the knife Eb f I give my soul to you tonight Bagpipe intro x1 Verse 2: Bb Eb G Eb From early on I was on my own with no light to guide my way Bb Eb G Eb Then the hand of destiny called me only now do I understand Bb Eb G Eb f G F Interwoven our lives became, bonded by blood no need to be repaid! Chorus Slow Bagpipe Intro
Chorus x1 Bb,Eb,G#,f,Eb,Eb,g,f Outro: Bb G Eb Bb Just give me one more moment with your shadow by my side Eb f Bb And we will always be together... as one That's it! For suggestions, corrections, and requests, email me: oddmenout4@yahoo.com
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