Dropkick Murphys – Barroom Hero tab

Band: Dropkick Murphys
Song: Barroom Hero
Album: Do or Die
Tabber: clark@theoddmenout.com

Face down in the gutter won't admit defeat
Though his clothes are soiled and black, 
He's a big, strong man with a childs mind, 
Don't you take his booze away!


Verse 1:
He's been at it for years drinkin' balls and beer, 
       F               C
He's a hero to most he meets, 
    F                     C
But inside he cries black swollen eyes 
     G      F        C
This man he sheds no tears 
Now his wife & kids sing a different tune 
        F                       C
As they worry about their daddy dyin', 
         F                    C
But this arrogant fool breaks every rule 
         G           F          C
It'll be nothing but pride that kills him

         F                         C
Could he listen no he won't that's all she wrote 
         G                        C
He'll be dead before the daylight shines 
        F                         C
But the thoughts and prayers of a million strong 
      G         F         C
Might keep this fool from dying

Verse 2:
He's a legend in the bar with every scar 
         F               C
Fights a thousand bigger men, 
           F                    C
But now he fights and loses got all the bruises 
     G       F           C
Will someone please step in? 
Cause this Irish fools got a great big heart 
         F                      C
He keeps climbing back into the ring 
       F                         C
In the low down circles where he holds his court 
     G      F        C
This man he once was king

Chorus x2

Bridge: x4e--------------------------|B--------------------------|G--------------------------|D------------------7-7-----|A-----7-8-10--7-10-----10--|E--8-----------------------|This one goes out to the Boston Punks...
Verse 2 Chorus x2
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