Dropkick Murphys – Gonna Be A Blackout Tonight tab

Band: Dropkick Murphys
Song: Gonna Be a Blackout Tonight
Album: Blackout 
Tabber: clark@theoddmenout.com

Intro:Bass riffG----------------------------|D---------9---------7-7-0-0--| x12?A--7--7-7---7--5--5----------|E----------------------------|
Guitar Chord rings:e--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G--9-----9-----9--7----9--7----9-9--7-7--9-9--7-7--9-9--7-7-9-9--7-7-7-7-7-|D--9-----9-----9--7----9--7----9-9--7-7--9-9--7-7--9-9--7-7-9-9--7-7-7-7-7-|A--7-----7-----7--5----7--5----7-7--5-5--7-7--5-5--7-7--5-5-7-7--5-5-5-5-5-|E--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
(Gonna be a blackout!) Verse 1: e D Gonna nail me a black curtain up good an' tight e Gonna do what my air raid man says is right e D Gonna pull down my shades an' turn out my light A B There's gonna be a blackout tonight e D My town is big, and my town is bright e My town can work and my town can fight e D So don't strike no light, and don't cause a riot A B There's gonna be a blackout tonight Blackout Tonight! Chorus: D A Gonna be a Blackout, Blackout tonight D A Gonna be a Blackout! e Gonna do what my air raid man says is right B D Blackout tonight! D Eb Pull down the shades, and turn off the lights Verse 2: e D Lights will go out all over town e And the air raid wardenwalks up and down e D It's part of the war, I'm gonna do it right A B There's gonna be a blackout tonight Blackout Tonight! Chorus x1 e,D,C,B x2 (ring out) Bass riff x8? Verse 2 x1 Chorus x1 Thats' it! For suggestions, corrections, and requests, email me: oddmenout4@yahoo.com
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