Dropkick Murphys – 3rd Man In tab

Band: Dropkick Murphys
Song: 3rd Man In
Album: Do or Die
Tabber: clark@theoddmenout.com

Intro: Part 1 x4 Part 2 x2e------------------|-----|---------------------------|B------------------|-----|---------------------------|G-10-10-9-9-7-7-5--|-----|--------------------5------| second time ring outD-10-10-9-9-7-7-5--|--5--|--5------7------3---5---5--|A--8--8-7-7-5-5-3--|--5--|--5------7------3---3---5--|E------------------|--3--|--3------5------1-------3--| 2nd guitar strums each chord
Verse 1: F G C D My friends, my town - comraderie, we'll never finish last F G C We stood as one where are they now F G C D We grew up fast: too young to know or really give a **** F G C The past has left us worse for wear Chorus: G A Be strong and stand, stand up like a man F C G Your concept of friendship isn't right G A Third man in is how you show your care F C G-F-G Nothing else matters but the fight! Verse 2: F G C D Some will survive, I hope I'm one of them F G C Things aren't what they used to be F G C D It makes me sick, our bond has broke and things aren't what they were F G C It's time to face life on my own Chorus x1
Solo: x2e-----------------------|-----------------------------|B-----------------------|-----------------------------|G------2-3-2-0-2-0-2----|--5--7-5-3-5--2--5--7-5-3-5--|D--3-5---------------3--|-----------------------------|A-----------------------|-----------------------------|E-----------------------|-----------------------------|
Intro Part 2 x1 Chorus x2 That's it! For suggestions, corrections, and requests, email me: oddmenout4@yahoo.com
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