Dropkick Murphys – Bastards On Parade tab

Band: Dropkick Murphys
Song: Bastards on Parade
Album: Blackout
Tabber: clark@theoddmenout.com

*= mute chord

Use barre chords for the clean part and power chords at the end

Intro: Eb,G#,Bb,Eb

Verse 1:
     Eb                       G#
I've lost all the time that I have in this world
     Eb                   G#         Bb
I've spent it unwisely, unwisely you see
      Eb                      G#
And I can't get it back and I can't move forward
    Eb             G#          Bb       Eb
I'm broken and I'm empty, it's over for me

   G#                   Eb
If I could undo all the wrongs that I've caused
G#                         Eb            Bb
Fall to my knees, pray for swiftness and just
    Eb                      G#           
For I'm just a fool, a fool driven to dust
        Eb          G#    Bb         Eb
And the world ain't gonna change for me

Mandolin Break: (Eb) (G#)e---------------------------11--11-11--10-8--|B--------8-------------9-11------------------|G--8--10---10p8-8-8--8-----------------------|D--------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------|
(Eb) (G#) (Bb)e--8--8-8-8-10---------------------------------------------------|B--------------9/11--11-11-11--9/11--11-11-11--11-11--11-9-8-----|G------------------------------------------------------------10--|D----------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------|
(Eb) (G#) (Eb) (G#) (Bb) (Eb)e-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B--11--11-11-11--11--11-11-11--9--9-9-9-9h11-9--8--8--8h9h11-9-8-6-6------|G--------------------------------------------------------------------7-8--|D-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 2: G# Eb So give me one more chance to prove these problems and frustrations G# Eb Bb Aren't just manifest in memories we're destined to repeat Eb G# A second chance to prove I know right from wrong Eb G# Bb Eb I swear I'll do things different but can't promise to be strong Chorus: Eb So come all you losers, you bastards and cheats, C Bb Vagrants, and barflies down on the street Eb C G# Follow this path to salvation, vindication awaits Eb G# Bb Eb We're marching on East Broadway Street tonight Intro Verse 3: Eb G# If you could look into this old face and try to see the young man Eb G# Bb I swear I once was pretty, not the monster you now see Eb G# But I squandered all my chances, lost my faith and took for granted Eb G# Bb Eb This life and precious one chance, the whirlwind I'll wreak Pre-Chorus Chorus x1
Mandolin Fill: C x6e--8-8-8-6----|B----------8--|G-------------|D-------------|A-------------|E-------------|
Mandolin Solo: (C,G#,Eb,Bb throught solo)e--8-8-6-8--8-8-6-8-8-10-8-6----8--8-8-6-8-6---6--|B----------------------------8---------------8----|G-------------------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------------------| A-------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------| \
Part 1 x2 e--8--8-8-6-8-8-10-8-6----10-10-10-10-11-13-15-13-10-8--|/B----------------------8--------------------------------|G-------------------------------------------------------| D-------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------|
Part 1 x1 C Bridge Chorus: C* G#* C* So come all you losers, you bastards and cheats C* G#* Vagrants and barflies down on the street C G# g# Follow this path to salvation, vindication awaits Eb G# Bb Eb We're marching on East Broadway Street tonight Chorus x1 Eb G# Bb Eb Tonight... That's it! For suggestions, corrections, and requests, email me: oddmenout4@yahoo.com
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