Dropkick Murphys – Caught In A Jar tab

Band: Dropkick Murphys
Song: Caught in a Jar
Album: Do or Die
Tabber: clark@theoddmenout

Intro: (C) (F) (C) (G) x2e-----------------------------------------|B--------1------1---1--------1--0--0-0----|G--------0------2---2--------0--0--0-0----|D------2---2--3---3--------2--------------|A--2h3-----------------2h3-------------2--|E-----------------------------------------|
Verse 1: (play intro riff, but here are the root notes) (C) (F) (C) (G) Now there comes a time in every man's life (C) (F) (C) (G) Where decisions have to be made: (C) (F) (C) (G) (C) Whether to toil, to labor, or just plain piss your days away, (F) (C) (G) Away, away... Chorus: C F C G Got a funny feeling that my times are caught in a jar C F G Madness and insanity have arrived C F C G Know to Christ and everyone else, my times are caught in a jar C F G Satan's Grin is bearing down on me Verse 2: (C) (F) (C) (G) Up in the morn, here comes the day, God knows I hate it this way (C) (F) (C) (G) When i'm in a casket life (C) (F) (C) (G) Fighting the wife, neglecting the kids, spending time on ridiculous bids (C) (F) (C) (G) The four walls are closing in... Chorus x1
Chorus (just bass) Chorus x2(gang vocals) slow first half of chorus as outro That's it! For suggestions, corrections, and requests email me: oddmenout4@yahoo.com
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