Dropkick Murphys - Warriors Code tab

			     WARRIOR'S CODE - Dropkick Murphys
Tabbed by:Pakistanieagle77

Tuning: Standard CAPO I

New and Improved.

All Loosely Palm Muted A G D You're the fighter you've got the fire A G D The spirit of a warrior, the champion's heart A G D You fight for your life because the fighter never quits D G A You make the most of the hand you're dealt A Because the quitter never wins D G A D G A A G D You were born to box in a city that's seen their share A G D A Miller Rye Connelly among them your photo proudly hangs there G D Above the bar in the Gaelic Club A They tell the story of a throwback G With the heart of a lion D They salute your glory Interlude: D A G A G D It's another murderous night A Another left hook from hell G D A bloody war on the boardwalk A And the kid from Lowell rises to the bell [Chorus:] D G A Micky D G A It's a warrior's code Bridge D G A x4 [Chorus:] D G A Micky D G A It's a warrior's code D G A D G A
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