Dropout Year – Biggest Fan chords

The other tab is too confusing this is simple and the chord names are correct

Cadd9walks on the beach
Gadd9 D Cadd9as you bury your heart in the sand,
Gadd9 D Cadd9and bury our love in the past.
Cadd9 Am7 Cadd9Ill always be your biggest fan.
Cadd9 Gadd9 Ddying to live for a hint of attention.
Cadd9nights in his bed
Gadd9 D Cadd9you neglected to mention
Am7 Cadd9your boy back home
Cadd9 Gadd9 Dand i wanted to tell you
D Cadd9 Im letting you go now.
Cadd9 Gadd9 Am7 Cadd9gave up on hope with this song and a note.
Cadd9 Gadd9 Am7 Cadd9always thought wed make it somehow.
Cadd9 Gadd9 Am7 Dgave up on hope with this letter that you wrote
Cadd9 Gadd9 Dgave up on us for just one night of passion,
Cadd9 Gadd9 Dloving and lusting while everyones laughing.
ETC ETC Message me with any questions.... enjoy playing!!!!!
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