Dry Cell – So Long Ago tab

This song is in Standard tuning and my favorite song
If u never heard of this band u should start listenin.

Beginning part, Pre-Chorus, and Outro. E---------------------B---------------------G-9----4----6----6----D-9----4----6----6----A-7----2----4----4----E---------------------
Verse 1,2. This is all u really play for the Verses.E---7-------B-5---------G-----------D-----------A-----------E-----------
Verse 1. I was thinking back today, and i remember everything, like all the things we use to say. Pre-Chorus I will be, And i will show, Follow me, whereever i go. Chorus. But that was so long ago, you assume that i'd forgotten, but how could i ever forget you, i know, i'm having trouble lettin go, though it was so long ago. Verse 2 i was over you today, And now i dug up everthing, sometime it seems so hard to face. Pre-Chorus. Chorus. Outro. And your the sunlight on my face, and your the one i can't replace, Everthing just seems to fall apart without a trace. Chorus.
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