Dry The River - Bible Belt tab version 1

This is my first tab. Let me know if theres any mistakes

Dry The River-Bible Belt

IntroE-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|B---9---9---9-11p9|-----------------|-----------------|G-10--10--10-10---|-10-10-10h11p10-8|6h8p6------------|D-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|A-----------------|9--9--9----------|-----------------|E-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| X2
If you listen to the song you'll kow when to leave out the hammer on/pull offs Verse Intro riff 'Lo and behold your mother is drinking again This might be the coldest winter since records began You were alone and steady with wintry calm Leading the children softly across the fold
Intro riff Each morning you march your sisters like soldiers to school 'Cause lo and behold your father has drunk quite a few You were alone and steady with wintry calm Somewhere inside the fire of your youth went dark Em D But you swear blind there is no weight in the water pail Em D You say 'my love, you take the cards that you're dealt' Em D Cause there's no guiding light arcing a line to Bethlehem Em D If it's dark outside, you light the fire yourself G Darling when the ice caps melt G When the devils in the bible belt G D Don't you cower in your bed G I'll be at the five-four-five G You can meet me at the railway line G D Don't look so scared Em D 'Cause we've been through worse than this before we could talk G D And the trick of it is, don't be afraid anymore Em D Oh, the trick of it is, don't be afraid anymore
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