Dubliners – The Irish Navy chords

Someone told me since, the three vessel mentioned in the song
have been decommissioned and scrapped decades ago and I 
imagine there probably won't be a Russian invader anymore...

G DThe Clíona, the Meabh and the Mucha
G CThe pride of the Irish navy
G DWhen the Captain he blows on his whistle
GAll the sailors go home for their tea
G D While the army is off in the Kongo
G C In Cyprus or some foreign parts
G DOur navy is strained to the limits
GDeploying its nautical acts
G DOne day from the Russian invader
G CDefending our very odd fish
G DWe found it was just the red herring
GFrom the signals we got from the cis'
Chorus Each year they go on manoeuvres To prepare for defence they are keen Sometimes it's the Lakes of Killarney More often the pond in the Green The canal it could be of assistance In defending our own holy ground But due to proposed legislation We'll have to sail all the way round Chorus We are a seafaring nation Defence of our land is a right We'd fight like the devil all morning Provided we're home by the night Chorus
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