Ducky Boys - Crumblin Heart tab

DUCKY BOYS "Crumbling Heart"

This song is from their latest album "Three Chords and the Truth".  As you can tell
from below, they aint kidding.  If you like Dropkick Murphys, Street Dogs, Bruisers,
you'll love these guys.

Ab5 Db5 Bb5-x-----------x----------x-----------------x-----------x----------x-----------------x-----------6----------x-----------------6-----------6----------8-----------------6-----------4----------8-----------------4-----------x----------6----------------
Verse 1 (Ab5) Seems like a short time since we said our last goodbye It's hard to think so much time seen passed us (Db5)by It's been such a (Ab5) long long time Now I'm staring at the mirror at this suit I'm looking older but i still feel in my (Db5) youth I guess I just let it (Ab5) pass by Bridge I (Eb5) lost another chip (Db5)of my crumbling (Ab5) heart (Bb5) I lost another chip (Db5) of my crumbling (Ab5) heart Chorus (Ab5) Shanananananananana (Db5)Shanananananananana (Ab5)Shanana Our time's slipping a(Db5)way
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