Duffy – Delayed Devotion tab


if you want to play it in the original tune put a capo on 1st fret. 
it´s my first tab - hope its okay. enjoy!

   D               Bb°  Bm7     G
It seems you wanna give me
      D/A            Em  D/A
Oh, a life time of security
             Bb°   Bm7          G
Down on your dying knees
  D/A                Em         D/A
I watch you, babe, I watch you plead

         Em                       D/Gb
But your words come much too late
            Em                    D/Gb
My love for you has turned to hate
'Cause you've taken too much time
To show me that you're mine

       Em       Bm
When I drop you boy
             G      D/A
You'll need another toy
               Em       Gb7    Bm
One that won't stand up for herself
       Em        Bm
When I knock you down
             G      D/A
You'll need another town
                Em     Gb7     Bm
Where somebody's gonna talk to you
         Em     Bm
You just let me wait
G            D/A
Now it's too late
           G                D
For your delayed, delayed devotion

VERSE 2 (chords see above):
You try to convince me
Oh, about the possibilities
But I know that all your poetry
Just comes from insecurity

PRE-CHORUS 2 (chords see above):
'Cause your actions speak nothing no more
When it's what I've been waiting for
'Cause you've taken too much time
To show me that you're mine

CHORUS (chords & lyrics see above) 

BRIDGE (chords like in the PRE-CHORUS): 
You played me for a fool for too long
Blinded by your lies I never saw your all
I'm no longer under your spell
Hear it in a song
You can go to Hell

CHORUS (chords & lyrics see above)
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