Dum Dums – Photographs chords

Dum Dums - Photographs

Capo 1

G  A  Em  C  x4

Verse  w/intro
I got a heart and you’re my education
I’m a man of little conversation
The rope is wearing thin the ledge is breaking
The case is closed all the verdicts have been taken
CCupid spurting poison in my bloodstream
C Burning all the photographs of you
G/BAnd the letters that you wrote
Dsus2And the jacket that you wore
C Of mine when you were getting cold
CAnd it flickers in the flames
G/BAnd it whispers in your name
Dsus2 CThat I never gave you back my burning photographs
Play intro chords x2 Verse And my world is on the side and I am busted I know you should have never have been trusted As I fall a thousand feet into the headlights I don’t feel ashamed to say I didn’t want it to end this way I don’t want to hear about your boyfriend Chorus Middle
Em D CAaaaaaaaaaah
Chorus x2 G A Em C G A C http://www.sparkystabs.co.uk
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