Dum Dums - The Ghost Gets Around chords

Dum Dums - The Ghost Gets Around

Intro C D EmE|-----------------|-----------------|B|-----------------|-----------------|G|-----------------|-----------------|D|-----5-------7---|-----7---5-------|A|-3-3---3-5-5---5-|-7-7---7---7-9-7-|E|-----------------|-----------------|
Verse w/intro There are so many virgin births in this town The ghost gets around In the housing estates with the blocked up shop fronts Leaving the women spellbound In the cigarette smoke at the hairdressing salon Girls are all accessorising It sure ain't not the holy ghost It's the devil out exercising Chorus
C D EmFrom the highway, to the hairdressing salon
C D EmFrom the tattoo parlour, to the supermarket
C D EmOn the discotheque groove, everybody's doing it
C D EmSo why can't I?
Verse Rockstars and groupies better beware The ghost gets around Little boys, little girls you better be careful What you put in your mouth Mothers and daughters, keep your legs crossed Quit wearing those tiny skirts Cause when the ghost comes knocking, knocking on your door My Lord, my Lord it hurts Chorus x2
C D Bm Em x4Doodoodoodoodoodoododododoo
Verse Swore I saw a spirit at 5am Must have been doing his rounds Girls are waiting for the ghost to show In their pretty pretty nightgowns Constable lock all these naughty girls up Stop it spreading around Who is it knocking all these holy girls up Cause this sure ain't holy ground Chorus x2
C D Bm Em x4Doodoodoodoodoodoododododoo to fade
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