Dunaj – Popel A Dyn tab

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Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 12:59:53 +0100
From: "[iso-8859-1] ?ukasz[iso-8859-1]  Mrzyg??d"
Subject: TAB: Popel a dym by Dunaj

Piece of music from album of Czech alternative group - DUNAJ

Popel a dym - from "IV"
music:Dunaj,words:Vladimir Vaclavek

figure 1 (on vocal)

first guitar:e-------------------------------------------|b----------0---------0---------0------------|g------0---------0---------0---------2------|d----------------------------------0-----2--|a----2---------2---------2-------------0----|E--0-----3---0-----3---0-----3---2----------|
second guitar:e----------------------------------------|b----------------------------------------|g------0-------0-------0-------0---------|d----0---4---0---4---0---2---0---4-0-2---|a--2-------2-------2-------2-------------|E----------------------------------------|
figure 2 (between vocal parts) first guitar:
second guitar:
Popel a d?m Popel zemi a d?m nebi a j? komu komu j? Ti^?e zp?v?m slova stoupaj? a p?ra jde z m?ch ?st Zase zp?v?m slovy spoutan? vid?m kmen z ?st m?ch r?st Popel a d?m v ?stech a na^?e t?la tekouc? planou Popel a d?m v o??ch prach a oblaka krou^??c? hlavou Popel a d?m v ^?il?ch a dv? chodidla pluj?c? travou Popel a d?m na rtech s?l ti^?e potu kr?p?je kanou Popel zami a d?m nebi a j? komu komu j? Transcription made by Lucas Mrzyglod : or www:
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