Duncan Sheik - Dont Do Sadness tab

This song is pretty easy, here are the chords. The only one I don't know is the one that 
will signify as "A#?" The notes in parantheses are optional

|--------------1-----0------0-------(0)------0-----0---||--------------1-----0------1-------6-------1-----1----||--------------2-----0------0-------5-------2-----2----||--8----7------3-----2------2-------5-------2-----3----||--8----7------3-----2------3---------------0----------||--6----5------1-----0--------------6------------------| A#5 A5 F Em A#? Am F7
The open e at the bottom is optional. As a chord it's pretty, but as far as fitting into the song, I'm not sure. ---(Verse)--- A#5 A5 Awful sweet to be a little butterfly A#5 A5 Just wingin over things and nothin' deep inside F Em Nothin' goin' goin' wild in you, you know Cadd9 You're slowin' by the riverside A#? Or floatin high and blue ---(Chorus)--- Am Em Cuz you know Cadd9 I don't do sadness A#? Not even a little bit F7 I just don't need it in my life Am Em Don't want any part of it Cadd9 I don't do sadness A#? Hey I've done my time Lookin back on it all F7 And it blows my mind. ---(outro)--- Am I don't do sadness Em So been there Cadd9 Don't do sadness A#? Just don't care. ------------------------- If you want to figure out Blue Wind, go ahead. It should be something similar to the in the chorus. Have fun wooing all of the theatre girls!
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