Duran Duran – Wild Boys tab

This is my own version of the chords which are played in a country & western style by
alternate picking of the bass strings. This makes the song sound like how Johnny Cash
might have done it. "Ghost Riders in the Sky" works well as a solo.

E                                  B7
The Wild Boys are calling on their way back from the fire

E                             B7
In August moon surrender to a dust cloud on the rise

C                A
Wild Boys fallen far from glory

E                             B7
Restless & so hungered on the razor's edge you trail

                E                           B7
Because there's murder by the roadside in a sore, afraid new world

C             D             C            A
They tried to tame us looks like they'll try again

E       D       B7
Wild Boys never loose it

E       D       B7
Wild Boys never chose this way

E       D       B7
Wild Boys never close your eyes

A              C D
Wild Boys always shine

           E                             B7
You've got sirens for a welcome. There's blood stains for your pain

         E                                    B7
And your telephones been ringing while you're dancing in the rain

C                A
Wild Boys wonder where is glory

E                               B7
Where is all you angels now the figure heads have fell

    E                           B7
And lovers war with arrows over secrets they could tell

C             D               C            A
They tried to break us, looks like they'll try again

Repeat Chorus
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