Duran Duran – Too Bad Youre So Beautiful tab

Duran Duran - Too Bad You're So Beautiful (2011)

Tabbed by: trevgreg
Email: trevgreg1227@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard

Alright, so this is my first attempt at tabbing a song off the "All You Need is Now" 
album. The song is pretty straightforward playing by
guitarist Dom Brown, so it's nothing too difficult to hang onto after a few listens. 
Strum each chord as many times needed during
the song as well. Hope you enjoy!

Intro and Verses: The verses on the song just have mainly two parts here. The second 
riff comes into play in both verses when Simon goes
into the "But it's not your..." line in each one. There may be a harmonics part during 
the initial parts of both verse too
in the background, though I have yet to tab it.

D5 B5e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--7-----4-----------------------------------------------------------------|D|--7-----4-----------------------------------------------------------------|A|--5-----2-----------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
"But it's not your..."
G5 A5e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|--5-----7-----------------------------------------------------------------|A|--5-----7-----------------------------------------------------------------|E|--3-----5-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Pre-Chorus & Post-Chorus: This is the keyboard riff you hear there. But Dom appears to play along with this live too. Repeat the "B-B-A-B" part as needed.
B B-B-A-Be|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--4-----4-4-2-4-----------------------------------------------------------|D|--4-----4-4-2-4-----------------------------------------------------------|A|--2-----2-2-0-2-----------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G(10th) E(7th) B(14th) F#(9th)e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--12--------9--------16--------11-----------------------------------------|D|--12--------9--------16--------11-----------------------------------------|A|--10--------7--------14--------9------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Middle Eight: You can strum along to the chords, but Dom appears to hit these each only once live for the most part.
Bm A Ee|--2-----0-----0-----------------------------------------------------------|B|--3-----2-----0-----------------------------------------------------------|G|--4-----2-----1-----------------------------------------------------------|D|--4-----2-----2-----------------------------------------------------------|A|--2-----0-----2-----------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------0-----------------------------------------------------------|
Outro: Once Simon hits the high note at the end of the final chorus, just start playing the chorus chords in a different order for the rest of the song. You won't actually have to stop and start the chords over as shown below, but it will make sense once you go into the end of the song.
B(14th) F#(9th) G(10th) E(7th)e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--16--------11--------12--------9-----------------------------------------|D|--16--------11--------12--------9-----------------------------------------|A|--14--------9---------10--------7-----------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note Here are the lyrics to help you know where to play the chords during the song as well. Verse 1: Here I go again I must have flowers in my brain The same mistake I've made before But I'm a hostage To that face of yours Pre-Chorus 1: Lay me on your bed I watch you smoke my cigarette I wish you knew what's in my head I could be more than just a friend Chorus 1: Too bad you're so beautiful and so complicated I may be a deluded fool but still fascinated Too bad you're so beautiful when I'm king of nothing This can only go one way... Verse 2: Ice queen on top of a mountain Give me the freeze, minus 20 and counting My lunar dreams how do I stop them? But it's not your problem When you're above it all Pre-Chorus 2: Lay me on your bed I want to stroke your sleepy head I wish that I was you instead Of being just your weekday friend Chorus 2: Too bad you're so beautiful and so complicated I may be a deluded fool but still fascinated Too bad you're so beautiful when I'm king of nothing This can only go one way Middle Eight: King of nowhere speaks another line In the low light I'm here to entertain When it starts to rain I'm a lucky man Chorus 3: Too bad you're so beautiful and so complicated I may be a deluded fool but still fascinated too bad you're so beautiful when I'm king of nothing but this can only go one way Outro: Ah ah Too bad you're so, it's too bad you're so oh oh oh oh Beautiful hmm hmm, beautiful, it's too bad, just too bad, it's too bad Beautiful, it's too bad, just too bad, it's too bad.
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