Dustin Kensrue – Consider The Ravens tab

Dustin Kensrue - Consider The Ravens
Tabbed by WOC (Hysteron@wanadoo.fr)

Just listen to the song to get the strumming right.
Maybe there are some mistakes in the lyrics (I'm French).

The end of every verse goes like that: D E||--2----3----5----||B||--3----3----3----||G||--2----2---------||D||--0--------------||A||-----------------||E||-----------------||
One part of the song is palm muted (just after the piano part) Feel free to send me corrections, or improve yourself the tab! Great song. Dustin rocks, Thrice too. Intro : G D Am G D I've got bills to pay Am A taxman on my tail G D Just keep Praying that Am It checks in the mail G D There are times it seems Am C Everything's lost and I'm C Alone and I'm tossed D And I see Am Between the rivers and the ravens I’m fed, C Between oblivion and places I‘m there. G D So Father give me faith, providence and grace. Am Between the river and the ravens I’m fed, C G Sweet deliverer you lift up my head, G And lead me in your way
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