Dustin Lynch – Cowboys And Angels chords ver. 5

Cowboys and Angels – Dustin Lynch

All the Versions here are close. Just mixing up the major and minor chords 
sometimes. These are the correct root chords that will let you play it on an acoustic.
The perfect starter.

Capo 3

INTRO: Em D G - Em D C

Em D GThere's a want and there's a need
C G DThere's a history between
Em D G CGirls like her and guys like me
Em D G Cowboys and angels
I've got boots and she's got wings I'm hell on wheels and she's heavenly I'd die for her and she lives for me Cowboys and angels CHORUS:
C D GWe ride side by side
Em C D EmA cloud of dust, A ray of light
C GMy touch is her temptation
D EmHer kiss is my salvation
G G/F# Em D CShe's sweet, I'm wild, we're dangerous
Em D GCowboys and angels
I'm not sure why her path crossed mine Accident or grand design Maybe God just kinda likes Cowboys and angels CHORUS There's a want and there's a need There's a history between Girls like her and guys like me Cowboys and angels Cowboys and angels
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