Dusty Springfield – So Much Love chords

So Much Love

D A D A In the midst of all my darkness, baby, you came along to guide me
D A D AYou took pity on a lonely girl when you said you'd stand beside me
D BmI'll never forget you for what you've done
G A7 I'll never turn my back on you for anyone
D G A7 I got so much love to give you
D G A7 Baby, I got so such love to give you
D Bm EmOh, there's more than enough to last a whole life through, yes
A DAnd it's all for you
My world was cold and so empty and my life so unfulfilling When I needed someone to pick me up you were, oh, so willing Now to you it might seem a little thing But to me it seemed you'd changed my winter to spring Chorus
Bm F#m Bm F#mThere's so few men nowadays who understand the soul of a woman
Bm F#mNow they're always on the take
Bm F#mAnd they're never giving, never offering a helping hand
Bm F#m Bm F#mOh baby, I can count on you whenever trouble calls you see me through
Em F#mYou show your love in so many ways
Em A7I'm gonna love you for the rest of my days, yeah
I got so much love to give you Baby, I got so such love by: José Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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