Dusty Springfield - Hollywood Movie Girls chords

Hollywood Movie Girls

C BmToday I went out on a movie call
Am FI saw a million nervous faces, I knew them all
C BmHollywood movie girls, we're all wearing our one good interview dress
Am FThe one showin' our legs, ah, we're lookin' our best
G AmNow, who will be chosen for the screen test? It's your guess
CHollywood movie girls
Am GAnd each and every potential star
Am GDrives home in the night in her economy car
F G FWhoever thought home would be a one-room flat?
CWell, as simple as that. Hollywood movie girls
Each morning up early to call on the 'phone Agents, producers, oh, they're never at home Like door-to-door salesmen, we are selling ourselves, Ooh, nothing else Hollywood movie girls Chorus (up 1 measure to D) And just about bedtime each one of us asks Tell me, when will I make it to the big-time at last? Oh, small parts you're offered ah, but those too shall pass Nothing lasts, Hollywood movie girls Chorus
Bm G A Star light, star bright, won't you wish on me tonight?
Bm A G A Wish I may, wish I might, shine your light for me
DHollywood movie girls
by: Josť Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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