Dusty Springfield – Someone Who Cares chords

Someone Who Cares 

A C#m G F# BmSomeone who cares, someone who dares to love you
Bm7 E A C#m Someone who thinks enough of you
F#m E D ETo always be willing to share, mmmm
Someone who gives, someone who lives inside you Someone who'll be strong beside you Through all the days that you live, mmmm
B E F# B E F# I've made up my mind that you're gonna love me
B E F# B E F# I've made in my heart a soft place for you (repeat)
Oh, someone who dreams of being in your life tomorrow And sharing your joys and your sorrow Helping you see what it means to be loved, mmmm by: José Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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