Dwight Twilley Band – Walkin On Water chords

Walkin on Water by Dwight Twilley from 47 Moons  (Capo 1)

Another great song by D.T.
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G  Em C D  (2x) 
G Em C DDreams will come, dreams will go and memories wander
Tiny towns, they disappear, while destiny slumbers The fire and glass, where danger lives, is shrinking inside us The shooting stars that left their scares, they tap on our windows And you and I, we had our time, when we were lovers
G Em C DFor love that once came before, its like walkin on water
For little hearts, behind the doors we're walkin on water Exploding skys, they light the shores,they're like walkin on water The songless chords, that we explored, they're like walkin on water And will??? lost, to so much more, we were walkin on water Em C D walkin on water G walkin on water G D (chorus/ bridge) walkin on water G walkin on water G D (chorus2) walkin on water G D Em walkin on [C]wa [D]ter G D Em End Chorus
Em D Em G D Em So hold on to your dreams, and the little things,baby never come again
So hold on to your dreams, the faces in between, baby never come again Bridge G D Em (2x) C D C D G
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