Dwight Yoakam – Its Never Alright chords

Dwight Yoakam
It's Never Alright
From "3 Pears"
Tabbed by thatchadmiller (Twitter)

Verse 1
G C D EmIt’s never alright. It comes and it goes.
C D Dsus4Oh it’s always around, even when it don’t show.
Em CThey say it gets better. Well I guess that it might.
G D G C GBut even when it’s better, it’s never alright.
Verse 2
C D EmIt’s never OK. Lonely moves here and there.
C D Dsus4Sometimes it stays in one place and just stares.
Em CThey say that the darkness is just before light.
G D G C GEach day may get brighter, but it’s never alright.
Am G Gsus4 GTry real hard to remember as good as it gets.
Am F DBut the harder and harder I try, all I can do is forget.
Verse 1 (horns on first two lines, then sing last two) Verse 3
C D EmIt’s never been mine to win or to lose.
C D Dsus4No it’s always been yours, to pick or to choose.
Em CThey say love is better when set free now halftime
G D G C GBut even when it’s better, it’s never alright.
G D G C G, G C GEven if it gets better, it won’t be alright.
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