Dylan Bob – Love Minus Zero tab

                    Love Minus Zero/No Limit

Artist: Bob Dylan
Album: Bringing It All Back Home (1965)

This Song is originally written in Dropped C tuning (tune the E-Bass String
down to C) but can be played in standard Tuning. In Standard Tuning the Chords are 
the usuall way. But keep in mind to play the F as a bar chord. If you play in dropped C 
the Chords are played like this.

C:  032010  F:  033211  G:  220003
G6: 222003  G7: 223003  Dm: xx0231

Capo: 4th fret

Here are the different acoustic guitar riffs in the Song (Dropped C Tuning).
They are actually qiute difficult to play - you have to play them fast and
accurately to get it right. It will take some practice.

Riff 1: |-------------| |-1---0-------| |-0---0---2---| |-2---0---3---| |-3---2---3---| |-0---2---0---|Chords: C G F
Riff 2: |-------------| |-----0---1---| |-2---0---0---| |-3---0---2---| |-3---2---3---| |-0---2---0---|Chords: F G C
Riff 3: |-1--1--0------1----| |-1--1--1--0---1--1-| |-2--2--0--0---2--0-| |-3--3--2--0---3--2-| |-3--3--3--2---3--3-| |-0--0--0--2---0--0-|Chords: F F C G F C
C Riff 1 F My love she speaks like silence, F C Riff 1 F Without ideals or violence, F C She doesn't have to say she's faithful, Dm F G G6 G7 Yet she's true, like ice, like fire. C Riff 1 F People carry roses, C Riff 1 F And make promises by the hours, C My love she laughs like the flowers, Dm Riff 3 Valentines can't buy her. In the dime stores and bus stations, People talk of situations, Read books, repeat quotations, Draw conclusions on the wall. Some speak of the future, My love she speaks softly, She knows there's no success like failure And that failure's no success at all. The cloak and dagger dangles, Madams light the candles. In ceremonies of the horsemen, Even the pawn must hold a grudge. Statues made of match sticks, Crumble into one another, My love winks, she does not bother, She knows too much to argue or to judge. The bridge at midnight trembles, The country doctor rambles, Bankers' nieces seek perfection, Expecting all the gifts that wise men bring. The wind howls like a hammer, The night blows cold and rainy, My love she's like some raven At my window with a broken wing. Outro: Riff 1 Riff 2 2x
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