Dylan Bob – New Morning tab

This is a Nick Cave cover that MMJ put on their Christmas album. It is a beautiful
song that was supposedly inspired by Amazing Grace. 

(intro: C G   C G   CG)

        G          C    
One morn I awakened
C                 G      CG   
And your sun was shining
G               Em    D
The sky was a kingdom
All covered with blood
D                      G
And the moon and the stars
C                           G      CG
Were the troops that lay conquered
G                   Em   D  
Like fruit left to wither
D               G    CG
All spiritual food

G                               C
And the spears of the bright sun
C                      G    CG
All brave with its conquest
G                Em   D
Did hover unearhtly
With banners of fire
And I knelt in the garden
C                    G    CG
and washed with the dawn
The voice came so brightly
D              G
I covered my eyes

G                      C
Thank you for giving 
C                 G       CG
This bright new morning
G                        Em     D
So steeped seemed the evening
D                  G
In darkness and blood
G                      (stop!)- -
Let there be no sadness
- - - - -
No sorrow
- - - - -     C           G 
Let there be no road to narrow
There'll be a new day
G         D
Yes its today
its forever

(Note: repeat that last verse twice.)
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