Damien Jurado – Johnny Go Riding chords

Dsus2 GJohnny lets go out riding to a place outside of town
Dsus2 GI go there every Sunday to watch the sun go down
Dsus2 GThere's plenty of girls who know you, they've been asking where you've been
A GJohnny don't dissapoint them, they'd all like to see you again
Dsus2 GWilly I don't think im ready to leave this house of mine
Dsus2 GYou go out and tell them I'm not the social kind
Dsus2 GSome men they are lovers and others the fighting type
A GAnd me I'm in the middle of choosing which one I'd like..... to be
Dsus2 GJudy she's out catching rides in passing cars
Dsus2 GThe memories of me and her have burned out like the stars
Dsus2 GMe I'm not dissapointed knowing that she's free
A GSomewhere down the line I knew she'd one day up and leave
Dsus2 GWilly forget your troubles and lay back on the grass
Dsus2 GThere's no need to get nostalgic thinking about the past
Dsus2 GWhat's gone is gone, what's here is now, she's standing by your fence
A GShe's wearing a beautiful party dress and wanting you to dance..... hey hey.
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