Laurie chords with lyrics by Daniel Johnston - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Daniel Johnston – Laurie chords

[Verse 1]
GOnce I saw the most beautiful girl
C GSitting next to me
C GI asked her what was her name
D GShe said it was 'Laurie'
[Verse 2]
GShe worked at the store and I opened that door
C GJust to see her face
C GShe always made me feel at home
D GI never felt out of place
[Verse 3]
GBut she already had a boyfriend
C GAn undertaker was he
C GAnd they got married
D GAnd had a little baby
[Verse 4]
GI became obsessed with death, my friend
C GCertain that it would happen to me
C GAnd I would be in the hands
D GOf my dear Laurie
[Verse 5]
GI can't explain such love aflame
C GI overcame victorious
C GFilled my heart with such desire
D GSo grand and so glorious
[Verse 6]
GLaurie, sweet, an angel dear
C GIs here with me today
C GNot in person, but a memory
D GWith me will always stay
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