Mystery Of Love chords with lyrics by David Gray - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

David Gray – Mystery Of Love chords

A   A   D A  E7
A   A   D A  Bm

AThe city gates at twilight
AAnd a red ship sinking
A E7Behind winter's grey wall
AIce in the wind
ABut a fire in the embers
DOf my heart
A BmAs darkness falls
AIn a candlelit room
AWhere your eyes are laughing
D A E7Smoking in the red chair
AAnd nothing in the world
A'cept the beating of my heart
DAgainst the nerves of the air
A D A E7
AAnd I know there's a light
AAt the end of the tunnel
D A E7'cause I taste it on your lips
AAnd I feel a weight
AThat can bend me double
D A BmYou lift it with your fingertips
ASo often it happens
AThat words prove useless
D A E7In the face of how it feels
A ASo it is as the mystery of love
Keeps growing
D E AThe more my heart reveals
A D E A A D A E7 A A D A E7
ATemptations endless whispers
ATry to keep it in perspective
D A E7So much to distract
AWalking on a wire
AWhile your juggling desire
D A E7It's all part of your balancing act
AAnd it gets hard to know
AJust what you believe
D E7As the argument rages on
ABut for all of the talk
AIt's only true to say
DThat if you have no hope
AThere is none... bridge
[Bridge] C A C A C A D E A [Verse]
AA tangle of tongues
AFlesh flowers and thistles
D A E7Of conscience, spittle and skin
AWe can't change the past
A DSo we'll raise this cup to our lips
A E7And drink it all in
A AAnd meantime back in civilisation
D A EThe rain is cold as steel
ABut the mystery of love
AIt just keep growing
D C#m7 AThe more my heart reveals
I'm bridging, I'm bridging... [Bridge] C A C A C G A D E A [Verse]
AAs sure as the rose
F#m AThe bright day blooms
D A E7As surely still it fades
AAnd the night kindles stars
F#mOn empty winds
D E7And ghosts along the collonades
AAnd slow but sure
F#mThe sands are falling
D AAs the bridge burns
E7Beneath the wheel
AAnd the mystery of love
F#mIt just keeps growing
D E7 AThe more my heart reveals
D E AThe more my heart reveals
D E AThe more my heart reveals (keep going)
D E AThe more my heart reveals
(just let it play) D E A
D E AOhhhhh
D ELet that candle burn
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