Dont Talk To Strangers chords with lyrics by Dio - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Dio – Dont Talk To Strangers chords

Dm7 Bbadd9 Csus4 Dm7 Don't talk to strangers
Dm7 Bbadd9 Csus4 Dm7Hmm hmm Hmm Hmm hmm hmm Hmm
[Verse 1]
Dm7 Bbadd9Don't talk to strangers
Csus4Cause they're only there
Dm7To do you harm
Bbadd9Don't write in starlight
Csus4 Dm7Cause the words may come out real
Bbadd9Don't hide in doorways
Csus4You may find the key
Dm7That opens up your soul
Bbadd9Don't go to Heaven
Csus4 Dm7Cause it's really only Hell
Bbadd9Don't smell the flowers
Csus4They're an evil drug
Dm7To make you lose your mind
Bbadd9Don't dream of women
C DmCause they'll only bring you down
[Verse 2] Dm Bb/D (x4)
Dm DdimHey you, you know me
Gb/D DmYou touch me, I'm real
Dm DdimI'm forever
Gb/D DmThe one that lets you look and see
Bb CAnd feel me
Dm Bb/D Dm Bb/DI'm danger, I'm the stranger
Dm Ddim Gb/D DmAnd I, I'm darkness, I'm anger, I'm pain
Dm DdimI, I'm master
Gb/D Dm Bb CThe evil song you sing inside your brain
Bb CDrive you insane
Dm C Dm F Dm CDon't talk
Dm C Dm F Dm CDon't let them inside your mind
Bb Am Dm Bb C DmRun away, run away, go
[Guitar Solo 1] Dm Bb C Dm (x5)
Dm Bb C Dm No, no, don't let them in your mind
Dm Bb C Dm Or catch your soul
Dm Bb C Dm (x2) [Verse 3]
Dm BbDon't dance in darkness
C DmYou may stumble and you're sure to fall
BbDon't write in starlight
C DmCause the words may come out real
Dm BbDon't talk to strangers (Don't talk to strangers)
CCause they're only there
DmTo make you sad
Dm7 Bbadd9Don't dream of women
CCause they'll only bring you down
[Outro] Dm Bb/D (x3)
Dm Bb/D Dm Bb/DRun, run, run, run away
Dm Bb/D (x3) Dm Bbmaj7
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